Microsoft Introduces Windows 365

With every industry from Finance to Education entering a new hybrid era of working remotely, the industry is looking for more ways to offer flexible ways of working to employees moving forward.

Unfortunately, with the silicon shortages in the world right now, it can be challenging for companies to upgrade their equipment or even purchase new hardware to allow their users to work at home efficiently. In comes Windows 365 to help solve at least one part of that problem. Windows 365 aims to target this need for flexible computing and at the same time offer improved security, performance, and costs savings. Theres even a bit of carbon footprint reduction in there too so organisations can help reduce their impact on the planet.

So What Exactly is Windows 365?

Behind all the marketing and naming, Windows 365 is quite simply a laptop hosted in the cloud, accessible via any web browser on any device.

Now, we wouldn’t recommend using it on a mobile phone however, the simple fact is that you can if you really needed to. Whether you’re on the plane, train, or on holiday in Spain, you can access a powerful device and have access to a secure working environment on the go or at home.

Of course, you will need internet, be it one of the Five G’s or trusty Wi-Fi.  You are essentially streaming a laptop however, you won’t need to worry about carrying around an extra work laptop with you whilst you’re away or be concerned about losing or damaging the device. As all your data is secured in one of the many data centres around the globe, there’s no risk of ever losing it.  

What Can It Do?

Well, what can’t you do with it is probably the best question. It’s a laptop, so you can do everything that a laptop can do. One of the key advantages, is that if at any point you need a little more performance, you don’t need to buy a new laptop, you can simply upscale the specification on your cloud PC at the push of a button.

For the ones managing the deployments, its incredibly straightforward and the deployment process is extremely similar to the existing Windows deployment process, if not simpler. Of course, if you use a company like us to manage that service, we handle all of that for you to make the process even simpler when it comes to onboarding.

So How Can Windows 365 Help My Business?

Windows 365 allows businesses to add or remove new virtual desktops with ease, meaning if you have temporary employees, or short-term projects, you can allow those requiring a device to have quick and simple access to your company resources without the hardware requirements that usually follow. A new user wouldn’t need to wait for a delivery of equipment but can access everything they need to get up and running which can help new employees get started even faster.

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