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Crydent’s business support solution provides a range of services that fully cover all aspects of IT and Security operations.

Our all-in-one ecosystem delivers maximum flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency.

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An All-In-One Support Solution

With over 50 individual services, Crydent can provide a modular support arrangement designed to help your business handle all aspects of IT and Security operations. We focus on developing strong client partnerships through our tailor-made delivery models, which consistently evolve based on end-user feedback.

Operations Support

Over 50 services that can be tailored to support your business IT and Security operations.

Dedicated Portal

A single location for support requests, knowledge articles, hardware orders, documentation, and billing.

Experience Driven

We capture all feedback from the end-user experience to help guide and refine the service we deliver.

Forward Thinking

Delivering a service that focuses on technological innovations that maximise business efficiency.

Operations Support

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Over 50 services that can be tailored to support your business IT and Security operations.

Dedicated Portal

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A single location for support requests, knowledge articles, hardware orders, documentation, and billing.

Experience Driven

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Deploy new infrastructure within minutes and flexibly scale resources, utilising the latest computing hardware.

Forward Thinking

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Delivering a service that focuses on technological innovations that maximise business efficiency.

Cloud Focused, Forward Thinking

Our Microservice Architecture

Crydent’s microservice model is built on a foundation of cloud technologies, providing scalable and secure IT to our customers across various sectors and business functions.

Our approach allows for greater flexibility and choice, offering a variety of solutions matched to individual requirements. Our modular architecture provides our clients with the business agility needed to tackle digital transformations and support fast-paced environments.

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Ensuring staff are sufficiently supported with any day-to-day requests or technical IT issues is crucial for many businesses, regardless of size. Productivity and morale can be heavily affected when technology fails, so ensuring a quick return to normal is vital. A helpdesk can efficiently cover these requirements, whether setting up new starters to the business, troubleshooting technical issues, or configuring new hardware.

Our approach puts your users first. We work by aligning our helpdesk with your internal business needs and use this understanding to efficiently prioritise and resolve any issues. We focus on delivering total satisfaction, ensuring an effective response throughout the call life cycle that minimises user downtime and stress.

Crydent’s satisfaction-driven process measures the baseline performance of the service we deliver and actively measures the user’s perception of our service. We utilise this feedback in a continual service improvement model, helping us exceed our baseline service agreements and keep your users productive and happy.

Finding Hardware and Software licensing providers can be a time-consuming and challenging task. The modern business typically deals with numerous third-party suppliers to meet their software and hardware requirements. The landscape of subscription-based licensing is becoming increasingly complex, and the procurement process can result in paying large sums for unnecessary software and licenses packages.

Crydent aim to remove these complexities, offering your business a single point of contact for all your Software, Hardware, and Licensing requirements. Our service covers the full hardware rollout and procurement process, managed through the Crydent portal on our simple to use software and hardware catalogue. We also offer assessments of your business needs to help optimise your licence utilisation, eliminating unnecessary expenses. Our team will help provide your business with the best prices available, regardless of business size.

Planning an office relocation can be a stressful and costly process for many businesses, especially when time frames are tight, staffing is short, and the disruption could lead to potential loss of earnings through system downtime. At Crydent, we can handle all areas of Office relocations, from planning to completion.

We deploy experienced IT engineers that understand the importance of ensuring continuity of your IT infrastructure. In the case of a complete office relocation, we will oversee the transfer of your IT equipment and data, install systems in new offices, and connect all equipment to your existing network infrastructure.

Our experienced project planners oversee the coordination of weekend, multi-day, and multi-site migrations for larger office moves to ensure minimum disruption to IT operations and maintain business continuity.

It is easy to overlook the importance of well-maintained and correctly installed network infrastructure. Quality networking is the backbone for how businesses and users access critical company data, and any faults can severely affect productivity. Problems such as poor Wi-Fi connectivity, slow networking performance, and non-functional wall outlets can quickly occur when networking isn’t maintained or thoroughly planned upon installation.

Crydent can help mitigate these scenarios and provide a comprehensive networking infrastructure service that covers all critical planning, installation, and support areas. Our team can handle the installation of modern Wi-Fi access points and the supporting hardware or full office re-wires. We will ensure that your users have the infrastructure to work efficiently and unhindered by networking related issues.

Interruptions to system availability can cost organisations a considerable amount of money. Whether it’s a website storefront, critical server infrastructure, or simply an end user’s device, it is crucial to have reliable infrastructure with high availability.

At Crydent, our cloud-focused approach to infrastructure and proactive resource monitoring ensures your critical systems are kept operational with failovers, geographic redundancy, and a 99.9% guaranteed uptime. Should a critical system suffer a hardware failure, a data centre suffers an outage, or if an environmental disaster occurs, you will have an identical system take over within minutes rather than hours or days.

For businesses looking for one-off projects or technical support, our ad-hoc services can provide the ideal solution. With no monthly commitment, our experienced team can be deployed on a fixed-term, project by project basis, providing the technical support you need, when you need it.

Ad-hoc services are ideal for any business looking for a flexible yet cost-effective technical solution. Projects or support requests can be agreed upon on an individual basis, whether it’s the installation of new servers, an upgrade of your network, or the provisioning of temporary staff to assist with a project.

As part of our ad-hoc services, you can expect:

  • Free Consultation
  • Friendly & Professional Service

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Crydent’s business support service is designed to act as a toolkit that helps to simplify your business operation and support requirements. Our customer support portal provides end-users with an easy-to-use hub to raise support requests, view knowledge articles, and request new hardware.

For management, it provides a single contact point to monitor, approve, and audit requests, purchase orders, support tickets, and view contact information, documents, and key performance statistics.

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