Co-Managed IT Solutions

Our Co-Managed IT solution is a variation of fully managed IT services, combining the traditional concepts of managed IT with a co-management model.

Co-Management provides our clients with additional flexibility and control over their IT infrastructure, and allows for better integration with their existing and future IT strategy.

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The Benefits of Co-Managed IT

Crydent’s Co-Managed IT solution can function as either a traditional managed service or an entirely self-service model, adjusting to your needs based on your existing IT requirements and capabilities.

Our service aims to combine the flexibility, convenience, and strategic alignment of an internal IT team, with the knowledge and support of a traditional managed service provider.

Simple Integration

We can fully integrate with existing teams or act as a standalone service provider.

Fully Scalable

Services built around flexibility that scale on-demand to meet your needs.

Stay In Control

Retain complete control over IT services, letting you drive organisational change.

Tailored Support

All support is handled by an expert team that adjusts to your unique needs and requirements.

Simple Integration

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We can fully integrate with existing teams or act as a standalone service provider.

Fully Scalable

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Services built around flexibility that scale on-demand to meet your needs.

Stay In Control

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Retain complete control over IT services, letting you drive organisational change.

Tailored Support

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All support is handled by an expert team that adjusts to your unique needs and requirements.

Focused on Flexibility

Our Dynamic Approach

A Co-Management structure will vary from business to business. Some organisations may offload IT operations in their entirety, while others may seek the addition of a helpdesk, infrastructure, or security service to complement their internal team’s capacity and capabilities. As your business grows, and your resourcing requirements change, Co-Managed services have the advantage of scaling as and when you need.

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Supporting business end-users can be a difficult task. Your existing technical support staff will regularly handle queries from users who need help with their PCs, tablets, smartphones, networks and other IT equipment. With businesses now looking to shift to new cloud technology, effectively supporting end-users can require extensive training and costs to upskill internal resources to handle the new technical challenges.

Crydent offers a managed service desk that helps offload technical support away from your business’s existing IT team, or functions as your sole support desk should you lack internal resources. We focus on end-user satisfaction as our primary service metric, taking care of your staff and providing them with an approachable and knowledgeable service, rather than treating them as a metric.

Delivering projects on time, on budget, and providing user satisfaction is critical to business success. We understand the complexities that stand in the way of these goals and offer project support services to help your business plan, manage, and deliver new or ongoing projects.

Our project management team work with you from the start of a project to ensure all the project requirements, timelines, and resourcing requirements are appropriately allocated to provide an efficient and productive project. We can work with you to plan for upcoming projects, perform key discovery activities, or help optimise your current deliverables for existing projects.

Maintaining infrastructure operations and resolving issues can be a time and resource-intensive activity. Our infrastructure support service offers a cost-effective way to get the assistance you need with your infrastructure management. Whether helping your team better manage or maintain your networking or storage solutions, or planning and delivering the design and installation of new solutions to support business growth.

Our team of engineers specialise in providing and maintaining solutions that can help support your business’s day-to-day activities while also allowing you to scale existing solutions to meet growing demands. With a service focused on resilience and rapid response to issues, we can help you with routine maintenance and technical support to ensure your infrastructure remains operational.

For many businesses, transitioning to a cloud-first approach requires training, recruiting, and upskilling resources internally to support the implementation of new technologies into the business ecosystem. Our workshop and training service provides businesses with a way to rapidly upskill internal resources, and fill any skill gaps that may be present to ensure business continuity during the transition.

Crydent’s workshops provide a great platform to discover and discuss new technologies. Our team can help you identify and research new tools, technologies, and best practices to ease the transition into cloud technologies. Our training services can upskill your staff or enable them to work more efficiently with these newly implemented tools and technologies.

Understanding how to get the most out of the latest technology and drive user adoption is key to a successful IT strategy. With new technologies rapidly reaching the market, it has become essential to identify opportunities to implement and drive adoption and ensure you get the most from new and pre-existing software and licenses.

Our strategy planning and adoption service works to help businesses understand their needs and explore what the technology landscape can provide. We help businesses develop strategies that streamline their software ecosystems and enhance the end-user experience.

Preventing, identifying, and remediating security issues is key to keeping your business and data safe and secure. With a continuously evolving threat landscape, it has become essential for businesses to understand their current security risks and posture, and take actions to reduce that risk.

Crydent specialises in providing crucial risk, posture, and compliance checks to help businesses assess the security stance of their infrastructure. We offer a full suite of services that ensure your business receives ongoing support and risk mitigation while migrating to new and unfamiliar technologies.


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Tailored to Your Needs

Choosing The Right Support Model

Understanding your business needs is crucial to finding and selecting the support model that’s right for your business. Use the information below to help make an informed decision as to which management model fits your business requirements.

Co-Managed IT Services

Ideal for businesses that:

– Already have an internal IT Team

– Looking to support larger projects and fill skill gaps

– Variable budget & requirements

– Existing internal IT Processes and Procedures

Fully Managed IT Services

Perfect for businesses that:

– Are a small start-up or independent business

– Have limited internal IT Capabilities

– Require full IT Support coverage

– Are looking to offload their IT to a 3rd Party

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