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Our IT Consultancy services are designed to provide your business with bespoke advice, helping you approach your technology with confidence.

With our extensive knowledge in both technology and business operations, we can help you adapt to the evolving demands of your business and its users.

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Our expertise and in-depth knowledge provides businesses with the structure and guidance required to implement and support new technologies.

Our tried and trusted approach focuses on understanding the business objectives, the client’s operations, and designing a solution that is tailored to their needs. Our transformation philosophy encourages continuous service improvements that reduce costs, drive efficiencies, and enhance effectiveness.

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At Crydent, we are proud of our diverse and experienced history providing IT consulting services to both the public and private sectors. Our expertise, skills, and commitment to innovation translate into quality, cost-effective solutions built upon years of industry experience and proven success. Whether you are a long-established enterprise or a new start-up in the market, Crydent will pursue the best solution for your business and industry.

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Migrating infrastructure into the cloud can be a daunting proposition for any business lacking prior experience and in-house knowledge. Challenges such as end-user adoption and the potential impact on day-to-day business processes can prove a significant hurdle for businesses to overcome.

Here at Crydent, we understand these pain points and pride ourselves on assisting businesses with their cloud migration & adoption projects in a straightforward and transparent way.

Crydent has handled migrations and adoption strategies of all sizes, from small start-up businesses to medium and large-scale enterprises. Our team will guide your business through the complete process, from project planning and strategic approach to migration and end-user support.

The Modern Workplace is a term that defines the operational capacity of a business to work from anywhere, on any device, utilising the Microsoft 365 suite. Here at Crydent, we like to take an expanded approach when we think about what a Modern Workplace truly is.

Our approach to Modern Workplace Transformations focuses on the Microsoft technologies that allow a “work from anywhere” approach. We also target the processes and mentality needed to achieve what we consider to be a “Modern Business”. Alongside our technology transformations, we target other key business areas such as automation, and operational processes, helping to increase business productivity and drive a better end-user experience through simplified and streamlined tools.

Implementing new IT solutions can often be a struggle due to various blockers encountered in project planning and delivery. A lack of knowledge, poorly defined requirements, or challenges surrounding end-user adoption are examples of how a project can exceed time and budget allocations.

Our IT Project Management service helps businesses of any size navigate these complexities and aims to address the pain points that would otherwise impact the success of an IT Project. Crydent fully manages the end-to-end lifecycle, from initiation and planning to execution and closure. Our service covers a wide range of project backgrounds such as infrastructure installations, networking upgrades, hardware rollouts, and any other technological requirements. Our project managers and engineers can help your business establish clarity and achieve a cost-efficient and successful project delivery.

Inefficient workflows and procedures can lead to the loss of valuable time and resources that could be better allocated. Identifying and implementing process automation can help businesses operate more accurately, reliably, and efficiently.

Crydent’s IT Consulting service can support your business in streamlining day-to-day operations and reducing your employees’ time spent on repetitive tasks. We begin this process by analysing your major workflows and business systems, identifying areas for improvement, and outlining a roadmap to start the automation process.

Our automation lifecycle focuses on continual improvement, in which we create, assess, and monitor automated tasks and processes to reduce the potential for errors. Your business can adopt these automation tools to create reliable and repeatable procedures that allow your staff to focus on more critical issues.

IT Audits are essential for all businesses. Audits help provide an accurate assessment of your IT environment, covering vital areas such as data governance and compliance, risk analysis, reliability, and asset safeguarding.

Crydent’s IT Auditing solution aims to provide your business with a detailed breakdown of your environment and help you to meet all your legal and regulatory obligations. Our team will fully assist with an audit’s planning and investigation aspects, and deliver detailed reports and follow-ups to support any required remediation works.

One of the higher costs for many businesses is software and cloud licensing. With the industry shifting towards “as a Service” subscription models, it is increasingly challenging to analyse all included software features, optimise costs, and ensure efficient usage to maximise value.

Crydent specialises in providing consulting services to aid businesses with license consolidation and Cloud infrastructure cost management. We offer guidance and auditing services to identify inefficiencies in licensed software usage, and work to streamline your infrastructure, reducing operational overheads and wastage.

Crydent can function as a single point of contact for all license acquisitions, helping to remove the need to manage multiple suppliers. By leveraging our purchasing power, we can also offer discounts to organisations of any size to further reduce your operational expenditure.


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Streamlining Project Discovery & Delivery  

Crydent’s discovery and delivery workshops allow your business to discuss technical challenges, concerns, and objectives. We adopt an open and fluid approach to our workshops, ensuring your business needs are heard and addressed with guided and targeted advice.

For businesses with a clear understanding of what they need, our free project consultation sessions allow your business to lean on our expertise for guidance and support with initiating, supporting, or delivering critical parts of a project.

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