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Small Business IT Consultancy

At Crydent, we’re proud to offer small business IT consulting services to various companies across the UK. Our consultancy can ensure your IT infrastructure has the potential to deal with any rapid growth that your business may undergo. With change comes IT demands and complexities that you may need to be prepared for. We can help ensure you are ready to deal with these periods efficiently.

We offer a range of consultancy services to help you understand how your business can improve its capabilities through technology. Our impartial, practical and honest advice can cover all aspects of IT, from infrastructure operations, licensing advice, hardware recommendations and auditing.


IT Project Management

Business Monitoring and Cost Efficiency

When undergoing a specific upgrade or wanting to develop areas of your IT infrastructure, Crydent can be on hand to assist with that. You can utilise our IT Consultants to manage the work and use their expertise to find the proper hardware or software for your needs.

Delivering projects on time and within budget takes many resources and can be difficult to manage internally. With Crydent, those resources don’t need to be taken out of the day to day running of your business, and we can handle it all for you.

We understand this and take the time to identify your business needs and align with your vision. Using this information and our expertise, we help to ensure a successful and reliable delivery every time.

IT Support Services

Software Licensing for Small Businesses

Software licensing can be extremely complicated on the surface. Licensing comes in many different forms, and they feature many other procurement methods, features and costs.

We help to break this down and provide you with simple, practical guidance on the licenses that are right for your business. Ensuring you get the most value for money and only pay for what your business needs.


Cost optimal licensing


No Hidden Fees


Licensing Advice

IT & Data Compliance

Using our IT Consultancy for small businesses means you can rest easy when it comes to compliance. During your onboarding period, we undertake a complete analysis of your current IT systems. This initial analysis helps to do a deep dive into your existing infrastructure’s security, performance, and health.

Following this analysis, we provide you with a report which will outline our advice for your future developments. We will help support infrastructure improvements to ensure your systems remain compliant, safe and efficient.

Business Consultancy

Project Management and Partnership

Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can make a world of difference when running a business. Our team of experts can help identify inefficiencies and offer improvement within your business infrastructure and processes. This means we can help advise on process improvements that will help to increase your businesses efficiency.

We have worked with several businesses from a range of backgrounds in delivering IT consultancy services, and while no business is the same, our guidance has helped them time and time again. If you would like to find out more about our small business IT consultancy services, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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